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Wood is the all natural alternative to asphalt

A little heavier and more durable than asphalt shingles, you can count on your new wood shakes or wood shingles to withstand strong wind storms that might blow other shingles away. Construction materials made from wood are also eco-friendly. You can rest assured that they can be recycled or biodegrade on their own.

With its distinct red tint, cedar shakes and shingles are sure to work with any siding material. Especially brick or limestone. Your choice between shakes or shingles depends on what you want to get out of your design. Consult with our expert roofers for years of experience.

Cedar roofs look great on any home

With proper roof maintenance, the classic look of cedar roofs will last for years to come.

How long do wooden roofs last?

"I couldn’t believe how clean everything was when you left for the day. It was hard to believe workers had even been here! I knew the next time it rained there would be no leaks!"

- Norfolk, VA

Get the all-natural look of cedar shakes and shingles.